Technical Support

Test, Evaluation & Repair

To address reliability and functionality of systems, United Support Solutions-LMT, Inc. provides test, evaluation, and repair on projects ranging from first article and prototype acceptance testing through failing equipment. When problems exist, United Support Solutions-LMT, Inc. will perform test analysis and evaluation to determine the root cause of failure while keeping cognizant of original design scope and objectives. Subsequently, United Support Solutions-LMT, Inc. will provide recommendation, repair, and replacement services to return the equipment to a reliable condition.

United Support Solutions-LMT, Inc. Test, Evaluation, & Repair Services cover:

  • First Article Testing
  • Technical Data Review
  • Requirements Mapping
  • Defining Test Parameters
  • Operational Assessment
  • Verification Testing
  • Validation Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • Quality Assurance Evaluations
  • Parts Repair and Replacement

Process and Product Optimization

United Support Solutions-LMT, Inc. helps customers to identify, analyze, improve, and develop manufacturing processes and products. Whether the desired end result is increased efficiency, effectiveness, affordability, safety, or producibility, United Support Solutions-LMT, Inc. offers a working solution that can be fully implemented and transitioned. The optimization process begins with analysis and research to establish baseline parameters, key performance improvement metrics, and fully comprehend customers’ project requirements. Using benchmarking and best practices, the final result will be viable processes and products of achieved technical maturity.