Welding - United Support Solutions
  • We Have the Equipment, Expertise & Process Qualifications to Weld a Variety of Materials
  • For Higher Volume Applications We Can Employ Our Robotic Welding Capabilities to Reduce Cost
  • Our Qualification List Includes AWS D1.1, AWS D1.2, AWS D17.1 & MIL-STD-3040 for Armor Plate
Robotic Welding Maching

Robotic Welding

  • USS-LMT has 2 Robotic welding cells. Our first cell features 1 robot and 2 positioning tables. Our second system, purchased in 2019, features 2 robots and 2 positioning tables.
  • During the manufacturing planning stage, our mechanical engineers and welding technicians collaborate to design robust welding fixtures that account for the following:
    • Material alloy and heat treatment
    • Material thickness
    • Access for welding torches
    • Thermal distortion during the weld process
    • Post weld distortion due to residual stresses
    • Fixture induced distortion due to clamping forces
    • Post welding grinding/sanding
    • Post welding heat treatment or stress relieving

Manual Welding

  • USS-LMT has 5 Manual Welding Stations for MIG and TIG welding of aluminum and steel alloys.
  • We also have the necessary capability in-house to preheat parts and perform Fluorescent Dye Inspections.
  • With over 50+ years of combined experience, our welders are capable of tackling the most complex welding projects.


Welding Armor Plate

  • USS-LMT is qualified to weld armor plate per MIL-STD-3040 for both critical and ballistic grade joints.
  • Our qualifications extend to our robotic systems which have successfully produced and delivered over 1,000 Armored Antenna Mounts to the US Army.
  • Our team has intimate familiarity with critical aspects of welding armor plate including Joint Preparation, control of the Heat-Affected Zone, applications that require Multi-Pass Welding, and control of Thermal Distortions which can affect dimensional accuracy.