Precision Machining - United Support Solutions
  • We Pride Ourselves on Being Able to Tackle the Most Complex Machining Jobs
  • We Work with a Wide Range of Allows Including Aluminum, Steel, & Titanium
  • Our Engineers Design Robust Process Plans & Fixtures to Ensure Accuracy & Repeatability
5 Axis Milling

5-Axis Milling

  • We have 2 Mazak Machining Centers capable of full, 5-Axis Machining with our newest machine being acquired in 2020.
  • With Multi-Axis capability, we can eliminate setups which increases productivity and reduces costs for our customers.
  • The rigidity of these machines also makes them ideal for handling tight tolerance aerospace components made from tougher materials, such as Titanium and precipitate hardened types of stainless steel.
Traditional Milling

Traditional Milling

  • We have 8 Milling Machines with the ability to handle parts up to 36” x 60” in size.
  • Through the use of custom fixtures, we are able to tackle complex sheet-metal products that require tight tolerance features to be machined after welding. Similarly, our custom quick change fixturing allows us to keep spindles running by reducing load/unload times.
  • We also have a Horizontal Machining Center with a full 4th Axis and a Pallet Changer. This capability allows us to be very efficient when dealing with complex geometries and tough materials, in high volumes.
Turning 03

Turning & Screw Machining

  • Through capital investments in 2019 and 2020, we’ve increased our turning capacity to meet growing demands. With 4 Turning Centers and 1 Screw-Machine, we’re capable of handling high-volume production for components up to 10” in diameter.
  • Our 4 Mazak and Okuma Turning Centers are equipped with Y-Axis, Sub-Spindles, Live Tooling, and Parts Catchers which eliminate the need for multiple setups while enabling automated processing.
  • Our Tsugami Screw-Machine can handle parts up to 1.25” in diameter and is designed to maintain extreme accuracy over very large production quantities.