Manufacturing Engineering - United Support Solutions
  • Our Manufacturing Engineering Competency is What Differentiates Us From the Competition¬†
  • Our Manufacturing Processes Are Carefully Designed For Accuracy, Stability & Efficiency
  • Our Manufacturing Engineering Team Has Deep-Rooted Skills & Experience Across the Following Areas

Digital Design of Assembly Lines For Individual Products

  • Assembly Fixtures ensure parts are correctly oriented and sequenced which reduces error.
  • Digital Mock-Ups ensure proper allocation of WIP Storage Areas and efficient movement of material through the Assembly Process.
  • We create Digital Work Instructions for each Assembly Operation, showing digital representations of each step.

Complex Machining Fixtures

  • Fixture Designs enable Batch Processing that minimizes Load/Unload times.
  • Fixture Designs include the latest in Work Holding Technology, so aggressive Tool Paths can be used.
  • Fixture Designs account for Raw Material Variation and utilize Locating Systems to reduce loading errors.

Custom Packaging Solutions

  • We can design custom crates and packaging solutions from the ground up.
  • We can package to Government Issued Special Packaging Instructions (SPI), performing any necessary NDT on special packaging materials where needed.

Small Arms Mounts & Accessories

  • We have in-depth knowledge of the Specialized Materials, Heat-Treating requirements, and Plating processes commonly used on Small Arms Mounts, and Accessories.
  • Our Engineers routinely account for the extremely tight Tolerance Stack-Ups associated with these products.
  • We have experience machining Gun Mounts from castings, accounting for As-Cast Variations in our machining fixture and process.

Power Distribution & Electronic Enclosures Specialist

  • We have experience dealing with Electronics Enclosures that have tight tolerances after Forming and Welding.
  • Our engineers also have experience with Electro-Mechanical Integration that requires the use of an ESD Room.

Hydraulic System Assembly & Pressure Testing

  • We have experience assembling Low-Pressure Hydraulic Systems that utilize tight-tolerance components with Safety Critical O-Rings and Seals.
  • We have designed our own Pressure Testing Systems to handle NDT of Hydraulic Assemblies and Welded Reservoirs.