Digital Design and Simulation of Robotic Welding Processes:

      • Multi-stage fixtures ensure a completed part is produced every time the robotic welding system cycles
      • Digital mock-ups and simulation ensure welding robots can access joints in the correct sequence
      • Process and fixturing accommodations account for weld-distortion and subcomponent variation

Digital Design of Assembly Lines For Individual Products:

      • Assembly fixtures ensure parts are correctly oriented and sequenced which reduces error.
      • Digital mock-ups ensure proper allocation of WIP storage areas and efficient movement of material through the assembly process
      • We create digital work instructions for each assembly operation, showing digital representations of each step

Complex Machining Fixtures

      • Fixture designs enable batch processing that minimizes load/unload times
      • Fixture designs include the latest in work holding technology so aggressive tool paths can be use
      • Fixture designs account for raw material variation and utilize locating systems to reduce loading errors

Custom Packaging Solutions

      • We can design custom crates and packaging solutions from the ground up
      • We can package to Government issued Special Packaging Instructions (SPI), performing any necessary NDT on special packaging materials where needed

Small Arms Mounts and Accessories

      • We have in-depth knowledge of the specialized materials, heat-treating requirements and plating processes commonly used on Small Arms Mounts and Accessories
      • Our engineers routinely account for the extremely tight tolerance stack-ups associated with these products
      • We also have experience machining gun mounts from castings, accounting for as-cast variations in our machining fixture and process

Power Distribution and Electronic Enclosures Specialist

      • We have experience dealing with electronics enclosures that have tight tolerances after forming and welding
      • Our engineers also have experience with electro-mechanical integration that requires the use of an ESD room

Hydraulic System Assembly & Pressure Testing

      • We have experience assembling low-pressure hydraulic systems that utilize tight-tolerance components with safety critical O-rings and seals
      • We have designed our own pressure testing systems to handle NDT of hydraulic assemblies and welded reservoirs