Assembly - United Support Solutions
  • Flexible Assembly Lines to Support Mechanical Integration
  • Electro-Static Discharge Rooms to Handle Electro-Mechanical Integration
  • Hydraulic System Assembly & Pressure Testing
  • Custom Packaging and Kitting For Military Applications

Mechanical Assembly
We have over 8,000 square feet between 2 facilities and dedicated resources to perform complex integration of mechanical components for Weapon Systems, Communication Systems, Power Generation, Distribution Systems, and Ground Support Equipment. Our assembly lines can be rapidly reconfigured based on the product, giving us the flexibility to adapt to a variety of customer requirements and to handle short and long runs. With an emphasis on quality, we use digital layouts, detailed work instructions, and employ lean practices to establish highly reliable assembly lines. Our use of Check Sheets and Inspection Points eliminates the risk of non-conformities.


Electromechanical Assembly
With our Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) room and qualified technicians we can integrate Circuit Boards, Switches and Wiring Harnesses into metal enclosures or complex mechanical assemblies. Through our network of qualified suppliers, we can also perform Non-Destructive Functional Testing on fully integrated electro-mechanical assemblies. To date, we’ve assembled control systems for the Navy, electrically actuated doors for the Army’s Abrams tank, and Power Module Enclosures for use on several Army vehicles.


With our network of qualified packaging material suppliers, in-house packaging engineering competency, and skilled technicians we are capable of handling Special Packaging and Kitting requirements for complex military products. We are also familiar with RFID and IUID Requirements, providing these labeling solutions for our military customers. Most recently, we’ve delivered Booster Hardware Kits for a Navy Missile System and Coax Machine Gun Kits for an Army Weapons Platform. The kits we complete are often intended for direct delivery to Warfighters in the field.