• M21 Schematics

M21 Cartridge Actuated Devices


In 2021 USS-LMT was awarded a contract to build over 7,000 M21 Cartridge Actuated Cutter Devices for the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC). M21 Cartridge Actuated Cutter Devices are used [More]

M21 Cartridge Actuated Devices2021-08-03T21:25:56-06:00

MK-70 Booster Hardware Kits


Since 2018, USS-LMT has been delivering MK-70 Booster Hardware Kits to the U.S Navy thru a 5 year, $2M IDIQ contract. The MK-70 Booster Hardware Kit integrates with the MK-70 [More]

MK-70 Booster Hardware Kits2021-08-03T21:27:59-06:00
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